Christopher Hemingway

Data architecture, data engineering and data science practitioner and researcher.

Since getting my first computer in the 1980s (a Commodore 64), I've had a passion for working with technology and data. Through a combination of luck and judgement, I've been fortunate enough to work on some great projects in academia, government and the private sector. My roles have included chief data architect, solution architect, head of analytics, and head of data operations.

About Chris

I have a BSc in Computer Science and Management Studies (University of Leeds, 1995) and a PhD in Information Systems (University of Leeds, 1999). I started my career in academia, working mostly on industry-sponsored research into analytics, mobile working and knowledge management at the Cranfield School of Management.

In 2006, I joined the UK civil service where I was fortunate enough to work on some large, innovative and genuinely transformational "big data" projects. Around a decade later, I moved into the private sector where I've worked on a range of small, highly focused projects - such as developing optimization algorithms - through to large projects dealing with the full data management lifecycle for global managed services operating in over 100 countries.

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