Tuesday, 18 April 2017


If you want glamorous, doll-like lashes then you'll want to read this post...

I'm sure you've all heard of the legendary House Of Lashes 'Iconic' and let me tell you they live up to all expectations! THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL and have easily become my holy grail falsies. Every time I wear these out / post a photo of me wearing them people I always ask me which lashes I have on. They are sooo soft and fluttery, more on the dramatic side so I would definitely recommend wearing them on a night out or for a special occasion rather than every day. They're so lightweight that it doesn't even feel like you're wearing them and they don't dig into your eyelids either - bonus! I've never really been a wearer of false eyelashes, mainly because I always have such a battle trying to apply them and end up ruining all of my make up in the process (such a first world problem hey?!) but you don't have that problem with these beauties. The band is quite thick so I guess if you're a complete newbie to falsies they are a little bit harder to apply than your average Ardell lashes however I have found that its actually made them easier to stick on as you have a bit more control over them. Also due to the thick band you're able to clean them nicely which means you can easily wear them more than once. The only downside to these lashes is that they don't come with a glue, for £14.00 I would expect at least something, however I use Ardell Duo lash glue which works amazingly with them. You can buy yours HERE :)

Have you tried these eyelashes before? Which ones are you favourite?

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