Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Even though it's all lighthearted fun (75% of the time) here are the things I hate about it..

Creepy messages 

I feel like when you join online dating sites it is so obvious that it's an absolute guarantee to get these - it's like it's in the terms and conditions. I'm all for a cheesy chat up line, they make me laugh and can sometimes be a good ice breaker however some are just full on creepy and weird. They make great screenshots to send to the group chat, however they will definitely not get you a date hun.

The awkward compliment which is so obvious it's sent to every girl they match with

'Hi you're pretty' / 'You absolute sort' what the eff am I supposed to reply back to this? 'You too boo hehe' CRINGE. And if I say thank you then you'll just say I'm a stuck up hoebag. It's a lose - lose situation here.


To be honest, I mainly joined Tinder just for the lols and unless I'm with my friends I'll rarely check it. However when I do go on there, there are a handful who have messaged me multiple times a day every. single. day. Asking me why I'm ignoring you / how I should reply as you'll treat me like a princess / sending me crying emojis just makes you look desperate babes and there's a good chance I'm going to unmatch you.

Ones that think its ok to add you on every social media account you have (including LinkedIn)

True story.

When all they have is group photos

WHY?! The minutes I have wasted in my life analysing someones profile and I still cannot tell which one it is I have matched with. Is it really that hard to upload just one photo of yourself? In my experience, it usually is the least attractive one of the bunch..

When you can't even see their face

I am not on Tinder to see your side profile, your body, your dog or beautiful landscape photos of your travels (save that for insta bbz) I want to see YOU! Not really much to ask is it?

When all they say is hi


How superficial it is

I just had to include this. I know when it comes to online dating that the majority of it is based on looks but how shallow is this? You could be the most beautiful thing in the world however if you have 0 personality and sense of humour it's just a complete waste of time. (I will still continue to drool over your photos though)

Men who are married/engaged/in long term relationships

Shady motherf***ers!

You know everyone on there

Everyone from school. The man in your local sweet shop. Your Nan's neighbour. Literally everyone.


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