Monday, 28 November 2016

Storytime - My worst first dates #1

I've not been on many dates but the ones I have been on have been slightly horrific memorable and are definitely worth a blog post in my opinion. You could say I'm rather unlucky when it comes to first dates, either that or my taste in men is shite but I'll leave that up to you...

This was the first date I went on after coming out of a 4 year relationship last June, so I was ridiculously naïve and looking back now he had fuckboy written all over him. (His 'last seen' was hidden on WhatsApp, would go MIA for hours on end - you get my drift) I met him on a night out in London, stupidly gave him my number and it went from there. After a couple of weeks of messaging we arranged to meet in London for Sunday lunch. We went to this amazing restaurant in Soho and everything was going swimmingly aside from the part where he was so hungover - great impression for a first date - he barely ate anything on his plate, so much so that even the waiter asked if he was feeling ok but me being me didn't think anything of it. When we were finished it then decided to tip it down, that was an omen right there and I should have known it was time to go home, anyway we went to a pub just around the corner from where we ate. Fast forward to around 6pm where he then asked me what I would like to do now. Well I must be extremely bloody naïve as there was me thinking 'ooo maybe he's going to take me to the cinema or theatre!' LOL no. He only had a hotel booked around the corner!!! He must have seen the horror on my face as he quickly tried to justify himself by saying it was 'only just to cuddle and chat babe' Looking back I'm quite surprised at how I didn't slap him round the face there and then. It's safe to say neither of us spoke again and he blocked me on Facebook.

It gets worse. A couple of months later I was scrolling through my WhatsApp contacts and his profile photo caught my eye (I'm the worst for deleting anything btw) so I clicked on it and it was a photo from his WEDDING DAY. So not only did this man book a hotel with the assumption he was going to get some booty he was married! Or at the very least engaged..

What an amazing first date to get me back into the joys of dating! I hope this has made you laugh as even though I was mortified at the time, it cracks me up whenever I think about it and tell people. I have loads more first date storytimes so if you would like to hear anymore please let me know!

Have you ever had a bad first date? I would love to know in the comments.

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