Monday, 28 November 2016

Storytime - My worst first dates #1

I've not been on many dates but the ones I have been on have been slightly horrific memorable and are definitely worth a blog post in my opinion. You could say I'm rather unlucky when it comes to first dates, either that or my taste in men is shite but I'll leave that up to you...


Monday, 21 November 2016

Goodbye Vanity Fairest Hello chemingway!

Hi everyone and welcome back to my 'new' blog! As some of you may have noticed my website name has changed and my layout has had a revamp - I bloody LOVE IT! Thank you to my best friend Lauren for spending hours helping me. This is something that I have been debating for a long time now, in all honesty it's basically the reason why I've neglected my blog for as long as I have. Vanity Fairest was named after a Essie nail polish I loved back in 2013 however I decided I wanted something a bit more personal hence me combining the first initial with my last name, as well as it also being one of my many nicknames amongst my friends. On chemingway you can expect to see my usual beauty reviews and the occasional fashion hauls however I really want to branch out with lifestyle, relationship and funny dates storytime posts - pretty much anything that takes my fancy really! I'm beyond excited to get back into blogging and I can't wait to make even more amazing friends. Charlotte 
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