Sunday, 31 May 2015

Bath Like A Queen | Lush Tisty Tosty Review

Lush Tisty Tosty Review
Lush Tisty Tosty Review
Lush Tisty Tosty Review
Lush Tisty Tosty Review
Lush Tisty Tosty Review
If you've never had rose petals in your bath before then I suggest you pick up Tisty Tosty on your next trip to Lush. If any of you read this post then you'd know that my lovely friend Lydia brought me the Art Of Bathing gift set for my birthday and this little beauty was in it. 

First of all I absolutely love the heart design of this bath bomb, I'm a sucker for anything girly and cute so this is right up my street! This would make the perfect gift for Valentines Day or if any men are looking for a nice treat for their lovers, I know I'd be dead chuffed if Matt picked this up for me! *hint hint* A combination of Rose Absolute, Geranium Oil, Jasmine Absolute and Rosebuds this is heaven for any floral lovers and a very romantic scented bath bomb! I wouldn't say this is the strongest smelling one I've had, it was lovely and subtle which is a huge thumbs up from me as I tend to find anything too strong with floral scents can get a little heady. My favourite thing about this bath bomb is the rosebuds, I've always been one to love a bit of novelty in products and this most definitely was that! It fizzed around for a minute or so releasing its beautiful aroma. If you're after one that puts on a display I probably wouldn't say this one was for you as it doesn't change the colour of your water, normally I do love a showstopper but I didn't mind as the rosebuds were what really done it for me (oh it's the little things!) My skin felt lovely and soft afterwards and it didn't irritate my sensitive skin either which I'm so happy and surprised at as I thought it would being so floral, so I'll definitely be picking this up again. The scent lingered for a little while afterwards but not as long as other bath bombs I've tried.

All in all I really loved this bath bomb, even though it didn't put on much of a display I loved its relaxing, uplifting fragrance and if you didn't guess already.. the rosebuds!

Have you tried Tisty Toasty?
What's your favourite bath bomb?

Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Spring Tag

The Spring Tag 2015 |
It's not often that I do tags here on my blog but I do love a seasonal one and as I've seen this one flying round I thought it would be fun to do it!

1. What are three colours that remind you of Spring?
Baby pink, pastel blue and yellow - anything bright and pastelly instantly reminds me of Spring!

2. What is the first thing you added to your Spring wardrobe?
Sandals, floral dresses and maxi skirts - although in this country you can't normally wear these until the Summer or if you're jetting off on holiday!

3. What is the first item of clothing you ditch to make it more Spring like?
Fur coats and winter boots are the first ones to go!

4. What are your ultimate nude and bright lipsticks?
My ultimate nude is definitely YSL No.1 it's such a beautiful pinky-nude (review here) and my favourite brights are L'Oreal Pink Passion and Fashionsta in Ultra Pink. If you're after something bright which turns heads then you need to pick up either of these!

5. What is your signature Spring fragrance?
I don't change my perfume depending on the season, I'm a massive creature of habit, so my signature scent all year round is the original Chloé - which I'm sure you already probably know! Although just recently I have been loving Flowerbomb by V&R and Daisy from Marc Jacobs which I think are the perfect floral scents for SS.

6. What do you add to or drop from your skin care routine?
I change my moisturisers and facial oils from replenishing and hydrating to balancing as my skin isn't as dry in the Spring as what it is in the Winter plus I need something to help combat any shine and oiliness. I also add an SPF 30 before my make up even though my foundation contains an SPF I just like to be careful!

7. Do you change your hair in the Spring?
I prefer more beachy, loose waves. I like the natural 'I woke up like this' hair style - although we won't mention how long it really takes to achieve that will we?!
8. Are there any exciting beauty releases that you are looking forward to?
I'll admit that I've been so slack on keeping up with new releases (bad beauty blogger!) but I'm SO excited for my trip to America in a couple of months where I can finally get my mitts on all the American brands ahhh!

9. What are your top three nail colours for Spring?
I always have gels applied to my hands and feet so there aren't certain colours I always opt for as I think it's nice to have a different colour each time but recently I've been loving anything bright, pastel or nude!
10. Who do you tag?
Now I know I'm probably the last one to do this tag but if you haven't done this tag then I tag you!
If you've done this tag do leave your links below as I would love to read them!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Beauty Lust List

Beauty Wish List
It's been a long ole while since I posted a wish list, August to be exact, so this is waaay over due!
Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan
As a self confessed tanaholic and as Summer is well on it's way, of course a new fake tan product would be on my list! I love the one I use but I can't justify splurging £30.00 on just one bottle so for £7.99 this is perfect. The one on my wish list is the One Hour tan which develops in 1-3 hours (the longer you leave it on the darker it is) and once washed off it lasts around 5 days leaving you with a gorgeous golden glow which isn't orange nor streaky which is everything I want in a tan so I can't wait to try pick this up and try it out - my expectations are very high!
Benefit Roller Lash
I feel like I'm the only beauty blogger in the whole blogosphere who didn't get their mitts on Elle magazine when they had the free sample of this a couple of months ago and after reading everyones rave reviews I've caved! I have tried to resist the urge as we all know how much I love my Maybelline mascara but I need to see the hype for myself. Plus being a huge mascara lover it's only right that I try it isn't it?!
Urban Decay Eyeshadow 'Snakebite'
This is one of my favourite eye shadows EVER. Gold and bronze smokey eyes are without a doubt my go-to make up look and as I've hit pan on this shadow on my Naked 2 palette it's swiftly been added to my wish list.
Makeup Revolution Sugar & Spice Blush Palette
The one thing lacking from my make collection is blushers. Everyone has their own 'thing' when it comes to make up (for me it's lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara) but blush is the one thing that I'm just never drawn to whilst shopping. Lots of my favourite bloggers have reviewed this and said how amazing it is so I think it's time I ventured out and brought this beautiful collection. This is only £6.00 for 8 blushes which is a complete bargain!
Girls With Attitude Falsies 'Daydreamer'
I've never been one for false eyelashes but once I received a pair in my goodie bag from the #nyLDNmeet back in January I've been obsessed. The ones I currently have are 'Heart Stopper' (review here) and they are absolutely gorgeous! They're so lightweight, are comfortable to wear, last for absolute hours and look so natural. There isn't any difference in length as mine are very long anyway but I just love the amount of volume and fullness it adds so I really want to try out a few more falsies from GWA as they're bloomin' amazing!
Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour Brush
I saw Lauren Curtis wear army pants and flip flops so I brought army pants and flip flops use this in one of her videos and I need it! The brush I'm currently using to apply my blush is pretty appalling (picture a cactus like brush and you're half way to imaging how bad mine actually is) so I think it's about time I brought a new one! I love Sigma brushes as they're really affordable and are just all round amazing.
Mac Ruby Woo
Of all the gorgeous goodies above, the is the one I want to get my mitts on the most. I've always been afraid of red lipstick but just recently I've become obsessed with the whole Marilyn Monroe look and this seems to be the perfect lipstick. I'm only one item away from the Back To Mac scheme so this will definitely be the one that I'm picking up!
Beauty Blender
Just recently I feel like my concealer is looking a little cakey (which I'm putting down to using a dry make up brush) and I feel like this would be the perfect tool to help combat that. Plus I've been after a beauty blender for the longest time so it's the perfect excuse to buy one.
Mac Fix +
This was recommended to me after I posted my Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette tutorial where I had a slight whinge about the eyeshadow not looking as pigmented on my eyes as what it did on the swatch. I've seen this used in numerous YouTube videos but didn't know that much about it so after some research this is definitely near the top of my list, how did I go this long without knowing I needed this?! It also adds moisture, takes away any powdery/cakey-ness and settles your make up - perfect for the upcoming hot (hopefully) months!

If you've reviewed any of these gorgeous beauty goodies please do leave them below as I'd love to read them! What items are you currently lusting after?

Sunday, 24 May 2015

My New Love! Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review & Swatches

Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review and Swatches
 Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review and Swatches
Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review and Swatches
Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review and Swatches
Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review and Swatches
Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review and Swatches

Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review and Swatches
L-R Gilded Ganache, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Black Forest Truffle, Triple Fudge, Salted Caramel, Marzipan, Semi-Sweet, Bon Bon, Candied Violet

Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review and Swatches
L-R Amaretto, Hazlenut, Crème Brulee, Haute Chocolate, Cherry Cordial, Champagne Truffle

Can we all just take a moment to admire how beautiful this palette is?! I picked this little beauty up in heaven Sephora whilst I was in Barcelona and I've used it pretty much everyday since (I'm sure those of you who watch my YouTube videos will know this!) I LOVE IT and you need this in your lives!
Let me start with the packaging, it's too cute! Living up to its name, the box it comes in is designed like a chocolate wrapper and the palette is shaped like a chocolate bar. It's a sturdy one with magnetic closure and a little compact mirror which is perfect, especially if you're going travelling as you have an amazing range of colours, you know they'll be no breakage due to the sturdiness and you've got a handy mirror. The smell is absolutely delicious! As the name would suggest, it actually does smell like chocolate so chocolate lovers this one is definitely for you! Oh how I wish I could eat it.. (Although when you're trying to eat healthily using this probably isn't the best idea for sugar cravings haha) There's a plastic film covering the eyeshadows telling you the names which you do have to remove when using which is my only con of this palette as it probably would have been a better idea to engrave them on the actual casing instead, although I do believe on their most recent release they've done this.
There are 16 absolutely gorgeous shadows which are a mixture of matte and shimmer giving you the perfect shades for everyday, a night out or if you're feeling slightly more daring. My favourite and most worn shade is Crème Brulee, (although I do love them all!) it's such a gorgeous gold that's perfect for day and night wear and if you didn't already know I'm slightly obsessed with gold eyeshadow! This palette just keeps getting better and better as the pigmentation is bloomin' amazing one swatch of colour is all you need and I'd even go as far as saying that this is the best eyeshadow formula in my whole collection, as it's so creamy, easy to blend and the lasting power is fab. You can apply this to your peepers in the morning, have a full day at work and even go out for after work drinks and it's still on there! I'd say that pretty brilliant wouldn't you?!
As you can tell I'm beyond obsessed! If you're looking for a mixture of day, night and something a little more adventurous than your standard neutral palette then you must pick this up! For £39.00 this is a slight splurge for me but for 16 eyeshadows, working out at a little over £2.00 each for such a generous amount, I think it's amazing as I know this will last me such a long time and everyone needs a bit of Two Faced in their lives don't they..? ;)
What are your thoughts on the Chocolate Bar Palette?
What eyeshadows are you currently loving?

Thursday, 21 May 2015

'Purple Peepers' Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Tutorial

I got a little daring with my Two Faced Chocolate Bar palette and created a purple eye make up look! At first I wasn't too sure but once it all came together I loved it :)

Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
Collection 24hr Felt Tip Liner
Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara
Urban Decay Stag Eyeliner
Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush
Sigma E25 Blending Brush
Sigma E55 Eye Shading Brush
Sigma E30 Pencil Brush
Anastasia BH Dipbow Pomade - Blonde
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - Punjab
Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush
Mac Pro Longwear Concealer - NC20
Sigma F86 Tapered Kabuki Brush
Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Powder - Light
Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush
Urban Decay Naked On The Run Bronzer
Nars Blush - Orgasm
The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter
Maybelline Lip Pencil - Sweet Pink
Mac Lipstick - Snob

Sunday, 17 May 2015

One Face Product You Need This Summer

ESPA Naturally Tinted Moisturiser Review, Swatch and Video
ESPA Naturally Tinted Moisturiser Review, Swatch and Video
ESPA Naturally Tinted Moisturiser Review, Swatch and Video
If you're going to buy one base product this Summer then this is it! It's no secret that I'm a huge ESPA fan, I love everything about the products and the company, so I was super excited to try their new release of the Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser. The 2 shades I received were Nude which is perfect for fair skin with cool undertones and Blush which is aimed at fair to medium skin with peachy-pink undertones. I'm currently using Blush every day as it really compliments my tan (fake of course) and I would say that Nude would be perfect for me during the Winter when I'm slightly paler. There are 2 other shades of the collection, Almond which is for medium skin with warm undertones and Tan which is for medium to deep skin with warm/olive undertones so ESPA really have us all covered!
I really do love everything about this product! I couldn't recommend a better base especially as Summer is well on its way as lets face it cakey foundations + heat is definitely not a good look, but for the girls like me that don't feel confident enough to go completely bare this is for you. What I love most is that this looks so natural when wearing, I know it's cliché to say 'your skin but better' but it really is. It adds the most subtle amount of coverage that looks flawless whilst also concealing any imperfections. When first applying this can look slightly too light but once it's fully blended into your skin it matches perfectly and it blends in seamlessly. A little goes a long way with this product as you do need the tiniest amount, I've found when I've got a bit product happy this can take slightly longer to blend and does feel slightly thick especially around my chin area but it's fine once its settled on your skin, so even if you may feel like you need a lot you honestly don't. This lasts all day (a lot better than foundation I may add) without wearing off or leaving creases and my skin feels so soft when wearing it and even when I've taken it off! I've used this in my past couple YouTube videos so I'll leave them below for you to see what it looks like when applying and the final result :) 

I love this product so much and will definitely be repurchasing when I've used mine. For £32.00 I think the price is brilliant for such a luxury high end brand and like I've mentioned you only need a smidge so this will last you months. Espa you've got 2 thumbs and 2 toes up from me!

What base do you like to wear during Summer?
*PR Sample

Thursday, 14 May 2015

NEW VIDEO: Peachy, Spring Make Up!

Another new video! If you didn't know I upload a new video every Wednesday at 630pm GMT so make sure you're subbed so you don't miss one ;) (cheeky YouTube plug right there! haha)
Espa Tinted Moisturiser - Blush
Mac Pro Longwear Concealer - NC20
Sigma F86 Tapered Kabuki Brush
Mac Mineralise Skinfinish Powder - Light
Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade - Blonde
Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette - Salted Caramel, Marzipan & Champagne Truffle
Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush
Sigma E25 Blending Brush
Sigma E30 Pencil Brush
Urban Decay Naked 2 Blackout
Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Rimmel Nude Eyeliner
Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder - Golden Light
Nars Blush - Orgasm
The Balm Highlighter - Mary-Lou Manizer
L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick - Pink Passion 371
Do you like videos like these or do you prefer talk throughs?

Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Best Fudge EVER!

Fudge Kitchen Cambridge
On Easter Friday I met up with my a few of faves JessLauren and Daisy and we went off to Cambridge to shop, eat and gossip! I'm a huge lover of fudge and Daisy said a visit to Fudge Kitchen was a must. Expectations were high (poor Dais ha!) and boy oh boy did it exceed expectations! IT'S THE BEST FUDGE I'VE EVER TASTED!
**This post will have you drooling!** 
Fudge Kitchen Cambridge
Fudge Kitchen Cambridge
Fudge Kitchen Cambridge
Fudge Kitchen Cambridge
The guys who worked in there were so friendly and welcoming and when they found out we were bloggers they gave us some Drinking Fudge which was soo delicious and got drunk straight away as I couldn't hold out on that as well as the fudge for photos! Chocolate orange lovers you must give their Tangy Orange a slurp.
Fudge Kitchen Cambridge
Fudge Kitchen Cambridge
Fudge Kitchen Cambridge
Fudge Kitchen Cambridge
Fudge Kitchen Cambridge
The 4 slabs of heaven I chose were Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Orange and Toffee all were so scrummy and I wish a Fudge Kitchen was closer to me (which in fairness is probably a good thing to my purse and waistband) although I've just discovered whilst browsing on the web that they have a website AND DELIVER! This really is the best fudge ever, you can't even compare it to anything as nothing you've tasted before will be as good as this! I highly recommend you give this a taste as trust me you won't be disappointed ;) Girls I think another trip to Cambridge is in order don't you?!
Have you been to Fudge Kitchen before?

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Mineral Makeup? I'm Still Undecided!

Jane Iredale Starter Kit Light Review and Swatches
Jane Iredale Starter Kit Light Review and Swatches
Jane Iredale Starter Kit Light Review and Swatches
Jane Iredale Starter Kit Light Review and Swatches
Powder Foundation (it's very faintly there!), Blush, Concealer, Eyeshadow, Lipstick, Lipgloss
One make up brand that keeps popping up everywhere at the moment is Jane Iredale. (Even though it's been around nearly as long as I have, I'm finally about to jump on the band wagon!) After reading the rave reviews of their products I was so excited to try this starter kit. If you didn't know Jane Iredale is a mineral make up which actually benefits your skin instead of just camouflaging your imperfections. It's so good that you can even sleep it in and apply it straight after a facial and waxing! I'll admit that I've never tried any mineral make up before (such a bad blogger) but I'm not a full mineral convert as I'm in two minds about this palette!
Let me start with my favourite parts which are the eyeshadows. I love them, especially the coppery one, you've got the perfect trio to highlight, darken your crease and apply all over your eyelid. The pigmentation is great, in the photo above it's only been swatched once so you can see for yourself how amazing it is. The staying power is brilliant, it's on all day and all night without wearing off or creasing which is a huge thumbs up from me as there's nothing worse than splurging on an expensive eyeshadow palette which wears off halfway through the day. I also really like the lipgloss and lipstick too, maybe not the colours I have here as they aren't very 'me' but all in all these are lovely! Even though they're quite thick to apply, the lipgloss in particular, they don't budge and stay on for hours which I think is fantastic especially for a lipgloss.
Now lets get onto the products which didn't float my boat.. The powder foundation just isn't for me. I tend to vary my coverage of foundation depending on how my skin looks and the type of occasion that it's for so I am used to little coverage but this doesn't even seem to apply to your skin if that makes sense?! As you can see in the swatch above it's barely there and is very light so as I didn't get along with this as a foundation I have tried to use this to set my under eye concealer to highlight but again there doesn't appear to be any coverage whatsoever. Maybe if you have quite oily skin and don't like much coverage then this may be good to mattify your skin but it didn't do anything for me unfortunately. I know Jane Iredale has some amazing foundations available that I would love to try but I know I won't be using this again in a hurry. It's the same for the concealer too, minimal coverage which felt very oily and creased terribly. It seemed to also have a grey-like tinge when it's on my skin too. I fake tan quite often but thought this would be ideal for when I'm more natural but this concealer just looked like a grey mask which definitely wasn't a hot look. I'm also not a fan of the blush either as it applied very chalky and wasn't very blendable.
Overall I've not a mineral make up convert. I really liked the lip and eye products but the base products are just a huge no from me which is a shame as I so wanted to love this!
As always I'd love to hear your thoughts and if there are any mineral make up brands out there that you think I should try do let me know in the comments!
*PR Sample

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Quick & Easy Heatless Hairstyles

These quick and easy hair styles are my go to up dos! They're perfect for work, where if you're like me and always have to have your hair up, if you're in a rush and haven't got time to curl/straighten your hair but want something a little more than a 'I just rolled outta bed kinda look' or if you're trying to avoid heat - I hope you like them!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

March & April Instagram

I've been seriously slacking on the Instagram front (never mind that I forgot to post last months) so here I've combined what I've been up to the past couple months! :)
♥ Patisserie Valerie is literally heaven
♥ Clean eating with this delicious omelette which looks like a breakfast pizza!
(For healthy breakfast ideas click here)
♥ Sunday Bunday!
♥ I've ate sooo healthy these past couple of months but you can't say no to a gelato from Barcelona can you?!
♥ I just love Barcelona
♥ Selfie with my bestest
♥ The most exciting thing this month was that I finally started a YouTube channel!
♥ Obsessed with this gorgeous coat I brought from Zara
♥ Missing Barca
♥ One of my favourite looks I've created on my channel
♥ 3 years with my Matty!
I love finding new Instagram accounts to follow so do leave yours below for me to have a snoop at! ♥ 
If you fancy following me on Instagram my username is 'vanityfairestx'
What have you been up to recently?

Friday, 1 May 2015

Simple & Natural Makeup Tutorial

Hi lovelies! Here I've created a simple, natural make up tutorial which I thought was perfect for Summer, if you're in a rush or if you don't like to wear too much make up - I hope you enjoy! :)

ESPA Tinted Moisturiser - Blush
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Fair
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - Translucent
Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush
Urban Decay Naked 2 - Blackout
Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Mascara
Barry M Blusher - Strawberry Whip
Rimmel Lip Liner - Eastend Snob
Mac Lipstick - Please Me

PS. Check out my lovely mug shot on the left, that's what I get for forgetting to take before shots haha!
What's your favourite type of video to watch?
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