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Get Summer Ready With Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher Summer Collection Review
Yves Rocher Summer Collection Review
As Summer is well on its way I thought it's time I showed you some essentials which are sure to get you Summer ready! Yves Rocher is a best-selling French beauty and skincare brand with an amazing range of head to toe products for women and men. I have heard and read many rave reviews of Yves Rocher goodies, many of my friends swear by their products, so I jumped at the chance when I received an email asking if I'd like to try some myself.
Rinsing Vinegar* | £11.30 | LINK
My favourite product of the four! As soon as I read the label on this I was intrigued, have you ever heard of a rinsing vinegar before? I hadn't and I instantly thought "is this really going to smell of vinegar?!" but oh how I was SO wrong. This smells so delicious, so good that you could eat it! Yves Rocher have selected raspberry vinegar for its smoothing properties and ability to eliminate mineral build up and it does exactly that. You apply this to your locks on the last rinse and it leaves your hair feeling super smooth, shiny and it also made my high and low lights look even more visible which I'm so impressed with as I'll do anything to get a few more weeks out of having a root touch up! I love this product and it has definitely made its way into my hair care routine. For £11.30 I think this is an amazing price for such a great product as it will last you ages!
Lagoon Hair & Body Wash* | £3.20 | LINK
If summer was a fragrance then this would be it. It's heaven for your senses! You most probably know already that I'm a huge Elemis junkie, the Frangipani Monoi collection being my favourite, and this smells exactly the same for a 10th of the price which is so amazing! (My purse is beyond happy) This can be used as a hair and body wash, I've not used it on my hair as I'm quite particular when it comes to hair products, but as a body wash this is gorgeous. It lathers up beautifully and the scent lingers for ages afterwards leaving your skin feeling silky soft. If you like combined hair and body wash products then this would be great to take on holiday as it would save you on luggage allowance. Another huge bonus is that it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and is also Paraben and Ethoxylate free.
Precious Dry Oil* | £14.90 | LINK
This is part of Yves Rocher's Monoi de Tahiti collection so it smells just as delicious as the Lagoon Hair & Body wash. These combined are the perfect duo for smelling and looking beautiful. I love an oil to apply in my hair after washing and on my body in place of a cream moisturiser, I much prefer how quickly it absorbs into your skin and feels afterwards. This has a non-greasy texture and a little goes such a long way leaving your skin feeling supple whilst also enhancing your tan due to its fine shimmery pigments which illuminate your skin. This would also be such a lovely product to take away with you on holiday as it's most definitely coming along with me on my travels.
Delicate Cleansing Cream* | £6.90 | LINK
I've not tried a no-foaming shampoo before, I've always been told that one that foams isn't good for your hair so I was really excited to try this but I'm a little disappointed. This has been inspired by the no shampoo method which is extremely popular for daily use in the USA. This contains no parabens, sulfate, silicones nor colouring which is a huge thumbs up from me as I try to use products that don't contain these as often as I can. If your a daily hair washer then this may be amazing for you as it is so lightweight and it does smell really nice like all Yves Rocher products, but if you're anything like me and wash your hair as little as possible then I wouldn't say this is the best shampoo for cleansing and removing grease build up. The first time I used this I swapped my normal shampoo and done my usual double cleanse which left my hair feeling limp, lifeless and still greasy looking afterwards. The second time I tried this, I used this as the second shampoo and my hair felt slightly silkier but in all honestly I don't think I'll be adding this into my hair care regime. For £6.90 this is a lot cheaper than my current shampoo but as I've mentioned previously I'm quite fussy when it comes to shampoo.
I'm so impressed with this brand and their fabulous range of products which suit everyone as well as being so affordable. I've got my eye on a few goodies so I'm sure they'll be featuring here on my blog very soon! Yves Rocher currently have some amazing discounts so make sure you check out their website and get into the Summer mode by having a little treat!
Have you tried anything from Yves Rocher?


  1. I've posted my review of these products today too! :) I loved the Body Wash too and I agree I LOVED the smell - amazing! I also wasn't too keen on the shampoo but loved the Dry Oil. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x


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