Sunday, 22 March 2015

My New HG Self Tan | MooGoo Gradual Tanning Cream

MooGoo How Now Brown Cow Gradual Tanning Full Cream Review
MooGoo How Now Brown Cow Gradual Tanning Full Cream Review
A couple of months I attended my first blogger event, the #nyLDNmeet where I had such a wonderful day (you can read my full post here) Those who attended were so spoilt and lucky to receive a full-sized product of choice from MooGoo. For those who don't already know them, meet MooGoo! An Australian skincare company with an amazing range of natural, safe and healthy products with effective ingredients that are designed for people with skin and scalp problems. Their products are cruelty, mineral oil and paraben free and are so natural they're edible! Being a huge lover of fake tan, of course I chose their How Now Brown Cow Gradual Tanning Cream (10/10 for the name choice) where they simply used their Full Cream Moisturiser formula as the base with 2 added tanning ingredients. Moisturising and tanning, what's not to love?!

If there's one thing I know a lot about then it's fake tan (you could call me a self tanner snob!) and it's not often that I rave about one here on my blog but impressed is a serious understatement! I love everything about this product from the name, packaging, performance, formula, scent and the science behind it. (You get the gist..) I normally find with gradual tanners that you have to apply at least 2/3 times before you notice even a slight hint of colour but this isn't the case with this one at all. After just one application it leaves a beautiful sun-kissed glow to your skin, two applications and you've got a gorgeous tan that still looks natural and isn't orange nor streaky. It's so long lasting too as it lasts for days afterward which is really economical, so your purse will love you for it! As it's a moisturising cream your skin feels lovely and supple afterwards and it doesn't cling to any dry patches it only improves them. Natural tanners are renowned for the horrendous chemical biscuit smell but this smells delicious - even Matt commented on how lovely it is!
As MooGoo specialises in skin conditions I was even more intrigued to see the results as I've recently become a Psoriasis sufferer so have really struggled to find a moisturising and tanning product which doesn't irritate my skin. I'm SO happy I've been introduced to this amazing product! It doesn't itch/sting when I apply and its actually helped, oh MooGoo thank you so much for creating something for us sensitive ones! (You'll want to get your mitts on the Irritable Skin Balm too as it's fantastic)
As you can tell I absolutely love this product it's easily become a holy grail item and I'd like to thank MooGoo so much for being so generous in gifting this wonderful product to me. For £15.50 this is an utter bargain and if you'd like to try the hype yourself you can buy it here :)

Have you tried anything from MooGoo before?
What's your favourite self tanner?


  1. I got this from the event too, and I'm yet to try it, as I had just kind of forgotten about it! After reading this though, I'm going to try it out straight after my shower today! x

    Laura at Lola and Behold

  2. I would only ever use gradual tanners, I defo want to give this a go! It looked lovely at the event!

    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  3. Thanks for this post ive never heard of this range of tanners before but interested to read that it doesn't irritate your skin that's really good news

    Laura x

  4. I was so tempted to request this at the event but went for the udder cream instead (which is lovely too) So good to hear these natural, good for you products are getting so much praise :)



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