Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Gifts That Won't Disappoint This Mothers Day

It's that time of year where children, partners and husbands dash around the shops hunting high and low for the perfect gift for Mothers Day. I'll be honest and say that I do think this is another gimmick, like Valentines Day, as you should show your Mum how much you love and appreciate her every day not just one specific day of the year. Anyhoo I've got you covered with lots of thoughtful gifts for all budget types that any Mum would love to have!
A dressing gown is a classic gift idea (I get my Mum a new one every Christmas) but with Spring fast approaching a lighter kimono is needed and what's better than a bit of Ted?!
Like I've mentioned previously my Lush obsession has quickly rubbed off onto my Mum so I know that she'll be happy with anything from Lush. Their Mothers Day gift sets are so lovely this year with a huge range of budget types! Soap and Glory, Elemis and Ted Baker do nice smellies as well.
I don't think there's a more *Mum* scent than roses do you? That and a Yankee Candle combined is sheer bliss for her senses!
This is heaven in a bottle! As soon as you see a Jo Malone package you know you're in for a treat, from the amazing product right down to the packaging, everything is just on point and is such a luxury item. I don't know anyone who wouldn't be happy with one of these little beauties! 
There are lots of Mum themed wine glasses out this time of year but I thought I'd go for something a little different and came across this gorgeous blingy heart wine glass, I've seen this style of glass around before and have always loved their quirky designs! If your Mum isn't a wine drinker a tea cup is a great idea too!
 'Paris is always a good idea' And if you can't afford Paris this is the next best thing! If your Mum likes dainty jewellery and Paris then she'll love this cute little jewellery dish. It's from Gifts & Pieces and I've shown this here on my blog before as I absolutely love it!

Thorntons Marc De Champagne Chocolate Truffles | £10.00 
Probably the nicest chocolates ever!

Downton Abbey Series 1-5 | £30.00
I don't think I know a Mum who doesn't like Downton!

 Pandora Charm | £25.00 
The thing I love most about someone owning a Pandora bracelet is that you're never stuck for gift ideas as you can just buy a charm! I know my bestie Lydia buys her Mum a new one on every special occasion - such a sentimental, thoughtful gift!
Or a subtle hint that your Mum needs to start baking you some cakes ;)
Breakfast In Bed - Priceless ;)
 Haha it had to be done! I don't think you can beat a thoughtful breakfast in bed or a home cooked meal with a bunch of flowers. I think my Mum would actually prefer this over any extravagant gift!

Thinking of all the Mums who can't be here <3

I hope my gift guide has helped you! Have you got anything special planned for Mothers Day?


  1. I love everything you've picked! That Ted Baker dressing down is gorgeous x

    1. Thanks lovely, this was more like a wishlist for me when I was creating it haha! xx


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