Thursday, 4 December 2014

Blogmas Day 4 | Christmas Stocking Fillers For Her

Christmas Stocking Fillers For Her 2014
I love opening my stocking on Christmas morning. We always open ours before our 'main' presents and my parents (mainly my Mum) fill it to the brim of little bits she knows I love and need. I sometimes find that once you've brought all the goodies it can work out quite expensive so I've put together an affordable stocking filler gift guide for her, full of gorgeous pressies which I know I would LOVE to receive!
A 5 year Diary
I've only very recently discovered these and I think they're a fab idea! The idea is to write a sentence or two so you can remember memorable things from each day and then compare in years to come. I'd love to have a diary to look back on what I was doing/thinking/feeling but I just know that I wouldn't write in it enough so this is a great alternative!
Hot Chocolate Mug
I always get one of these every year as I love hot chocolate and I'm a slight mug hoarder. Who doesn't love hot chocolate?! These are always a winner and my stocking wouldn't be the same without it.
Wash Bag
I love Alphabet Bags, how cute is this?! A little compliment each time you apply your make up! This comes under their wash bag section although I know if I had this I would use it as a make up bag instead.
How gorgeous are these mittens? They're £10 from Next - how bargainous! They also have these in black and baby pink.
 Yankee Candle
 It's the perfect time of year for cosy candles and Yankee are the best! I'd highly recommend Christmas Cookie as it's heavenly.
Lush Bath Bomb
I think you can never go wrong with anything from Lush! A festive bath bomb would go down a treat.
Fluffy Socks
I don't know about you but I have so many odd socks (God knows where they all go!) so each year my Mum gets me some cosy, festive ones. This is perfect for me as I know by next year I'll be needing some matching pairs again!
I hope this helps give you some stocking filler gift inspiration!
What do you normally buy to fill stockings?


  1. I want everything here haha! The Christmas Cookie Yankee scent is definitely one of my faves :) <3 xxxx

    1. It's the perfect Christmas scent isn't it, I burn it all year round xxxx


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