Saturday, 20 December 2014

Blogmas Day 20 | Top 5 Fashion Buys Of 2014

Can you believe that it's FIVE DAYS till Christmas?!?! I'm TOO excited! Next thing we know, we'll be entering 2015! With this thought in mind I thought it would be fun to rummage through my wardrobe and choose my top 5 fashion buys of this year. At one point whilst doing this I had around 15 items so narrowing it down to just 5 was pretty tricky as you can most probably imagine but here are my 5 favourites! :)
Top 5 Fashion Buys Of 2014
This is the dress that changed it all! If I ever went out I'd always wear shift or a floaty type of dress, bodycon was unheard of in my wardrobe. This was mainly down to being so self conscious about having something clingy that showed my figure - oh how things have changed! I remember seeing Amanda Holden in a Victoria Beckham dress exactly the same as this, falling in love with it and then seeing it on New Look's website for the bargainous price of £22.99. It's such a classy dress that can be worn for numerous amounts of occasions and the material is perfect, it doesn't cling to any unwanted areas at all! I always get complimented when I wear this and I'm not normally someone who wears the same dress twice but I've worn this more than once!
Top 5 Fashion Buys Of 2014
This has been an essential for me this year. (If any of you follow me on Instagram then you probably have noticed) It's your basic cropped fluffy jumper but I find it adds that little bit more to an outfit and really compliments it. I've worn this casual with jeans and I've dressed it up with a bodycon midi skirt or smart trousers, it really does look lovely with any outfit and occasion!
Top 5 Fashion Buys Of 2014
This one is a slightly more recent addition to my wardrobe, I brought this at the beginning of November and a day hasn't passed that I've not worn it. I'd been after a camel coat like this for a while so when I saw it in Topshop for only £59.00 it was instantly mine! I love that this is so chic and is a timeless classic that I know won't go out of fashion.
Top 5 Fashion Buys Of 2014
Like the coat above as soon as I got this it instantly became a staple. I love wearing florals and pastel colours during Summer so this was right up my street! I'm not normally one to shop in New Look but I've brought some staples this year!
Top 5 Fashion Buys Of 2014
 The shoes that took me months to hunt down and were well worth the wait! I ordered these in black too and since then I don't think I've had a night out where I've not worn either pair. Simple and classy, these have got a lot of loving this year (although whether I can walk in them properly is a different story!)
What are your top 5 fashion buys this year?

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  1. Gorgeous clothes! I especially love the dress!

    Zoe xx


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