Saturday, 13 December 2014

Blogmas Day 13 | My Perfect Pamper Evening

 Last night was my works Christmas do and I had one too many cocktails so I'm feeling a little worse for wear today! Tonight I'm just going to chill and my perfect remedy for this is to have a pamper evening where I have the biggest bubble bath and get out all my luxury products!
I always like to cleanse my skin before I get in the bath so for this I've been using Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser. This is fab at removing all your make up and any dirt/grime and leaves your skin feeling so supple afterwards. I then exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells with the best exfoliator ever which is also from Elemis and is called Skin Buff. This is quite gritty but not overly so and it feels like you can really get in there and scrub without leaving your skin sore and pink after. I've noticed that since using this weekly my complexion is so much clearer, my make up is applied much more flawlessly and I rarely get any break outs as this helps with any congested areas.
Once I've scrubbed my face and neck I then put on a face mask and tonight I'll be using my most luxurious one, the Essential Cleansing Mask from ESPA. This is a deep cleansing clay mask which is formulated to clarify your complexion, clear excess oils, impurities and is great for any congested/blemished areas. Once you remove this your skin feels so soft and nourished and I've always found that any open pores I may have had before are barely noticeable. This actually reminds me of marshmallows as it's so creamy and fluffy which is funny as it actually contains marshmallows which help to soften and calm! You can also sleep in this for a real intense, deep cleanse.
Now I have my mask on I'll then run a bath and tonight Matthew I'll be using.. (those of you who watched Stars In Your Eyes back in the day will get it!) Lush Butterbear bath bomb which has a gorgeous vanilla fragrance to it as I don't really want anything too over powering tonight. I'll then put my iPad on the side and either catch up on YouTube or watch a festive film on Now TV and soak for a while! 
I don't like to wash my hair in the bath so I do this separately but I've currently been loving Bed Head Dumb Blonde. I do need to update my hair care routine as I've found new products which have replaced previous ones and I've noticed a huge difference in hair texture, thickness and growth so keep your eyes peeled for that! Since I've been using Dumb Blonde and my Hair Burst tablets (review here) the overall condition and health of my hair is amazing. Like I've mentioned previously my hair got very thin but since introducing these into my routine my hairs been at the best it's ever been and I really do think it's down to these! 
Before I use the conditioner I will put a hair mask on and the one I've chosen is by Argan Dew. I got sent some samples of these at the beginning of the year and I got so many they've lasted me the majority of 2014! I love how silky and soft my locks feel and look after this. Once washed out and my hair is damp, not dripping wet, I put one pump of Moroccan Oil through the ends to hydrate and help with any split ends as an everyday top knot with a slight backcomb is a split ends heaven!
I bet you already knew that the Elemis Frangipani range would be making an appearance, didn't you?! I don't use the shower crème and scrub everyday as they aren't the cheapest so I know it's a treat when I use these. I scrub my body before I use the shower crème, I'm not sure if it's the right way round but it's something I've just always done. When you wash off the scrub it leaves an oil residue of the Frangipani fragrance which is delicious so using the shower crème after really intensifies this and you smell so scrummy after! Once I'm out the tub I'll then put on my Frangipani body oil just to add that bit more to my lovely scent ;)
Then I'll put on some ESPA Replenishing face oil which perfectly hydrates and moisturises my skin, this is essential especially during this colder months. It has a very spa like scent to it so it just adds to the whole pampering experience! I'll then carry on with my every day skin care routine and once that is done I like to apply some Jessica Phenomen oil to my cuticles and nails as this really hydrates and helps your nails to grow. It also smells of marzipan too - yum!
I'll then get in my onesie, I might order a take away if I'm feeling like a rebel and watch the X Factor final with Matt. I've got my bets on Ben Haenow to win, he's got an amazing gruff voice and is also a dish!
What are your top products for your perfect pamper evening?
What are your plans for tonight?
Who do you want to win X Factor?



  1. I definitely want to try the Elemis skin buff and ESPA cleansing mask!! that sounds like it would work really work wonders on my face!X

    1. They really are beautiful products and are miracle workers! If you do get them let me know what you think :) xx


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