Monday, 17 November 2014

Why Do We Judge Others Based On Appearance?

It's a different kind of post from me today ladies and gents. It's something which I think is very important and I'm pretty sure we all encounter this on a daily basis. Why do we judge others based on appearance? Weren't we all told when we were younger to not judge a book by its cover? We've all had it done to us and we've most likely done it to others too, whether it's intentional, good or bad, it's happened.

When you see someone of course you form somewhat of an opinion on them but the main reason for me writing this post is when people are nasty with it without evening knowing you. People who intentionally go out of their way to make someone feel insecure about themselves. Whether it's a dirty look, whispering/laughing as you walk past or a nasty comment made loud enough so you can hear it. What do people gain for being like this? Do they honestly feel any better about themselves knowing they've made someone else upset?

I could name numerous occasions where this has happened to me, and I'm pretty sure you all could too. One place in particular where I was at a party not too long ago when a man's exact words were 'I thought you were just another stuck up blonde who loved themselves but actually you're very down to earth and alright' Now normally I can quite easily brush off any kind of negative comment, I know that this isn't even that bad if anything it's more of a back-handed compliment, but I'll admit that for some reason it got to me. I'm not entirely sure why it did so much but it's one of the reasons that pushed me to write this post. Is it because I'm blonde, I like to wear make up, I fake tan, the clothes I wear? Why should those who choose to do any of the above be taken any less seriously than someone who doesn't do these things? I do all of the above to try to feel confident in my own skin, not for any other reasons. I would love to be one of those girls who doesn't need to wear make up on a daily basis and are happy with themselves, but unfortunately I'm not and I'm pretty sure that I speak for a big majority of women here too.

I've found myself struggling to find reasons as to why instantly judge and assume one another. Is it because we may have had a horrible encounter with someone who looks/acted in a similar way so we automatically assume they're going to be the same? Is it because we see our own insecurities in that person so we compare ourselves? Jealousy?

We are women and men of all different ages, colours, sizes and experiences so comparisons should be non-existent. We are all beautiful, special and unique in our own way. We all have our own little quirks about ourselves that no one else has, which is beautiful. We've got to stop focusing on what we hate about ourselves and start focusing on what we love and we should look however we want to look without being judged. If we all looked exactly the same life would pretty damn boring would it not? We should admire one another and make each other feel good about ourselves. It's not a competition.

I've always believed no matter what you look like on the outside, it's the inside what matters. Which I think is a good rule to live by. I guess what I'm saying here is get to know someone before you make a stereotypical of them.

 I'm not really too sure where I was headed with this post and I'm not tarnishing everyone with the same brush either as I know how lovely you all are. I just wanted to share this with you as it's something I've wanted to post for a few months and I finally feel like now is the right time to do so.



  1. Great post.. Whatever you said there all true.. Well said :)

  2. Such a lovely post dear. I must to agree with all of these that you said in this post.


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