Friday, 3 October 2014

Own Your Bed Head

Own Your Bed Head | Moroccan Oil | Sea Salt Spray
 Hi lovelies. I recently discovered a new company called Casper who make delightfully comfortable mattresses made of latex and memory foam. Sounds super luxurious doesn't it? This got me thinking that even the most comfortable of mattresses can still give you the one thing we all hate most in the mornings, the dreaded bed head. As I like to let my hair dry naturally, and more often than not I wash my hair at night, unfortunately this is something I often have a battle with. As much as we all would love to take our time getting ready in the morning, in the real world it's just not possible. Below are my top tips which are quick and easy to embrace bed hair.  

♥ Invest in a silk pillow case. There is no other material your hair and face is in contact with for long hours at a time than a pillow case, the wonders and benefits of a silk pillowcase is amazing. I no longer wake up with hair that looks like I've stuck my finger in a socket as this keeps the frizz and mangled tangles under control as it's natural properties and smoothness helps to reduce friction on your tresses. Not only is this great for split ends and breakage it's also wonderful for your skin too. Did you know that if you apply your moisturiser just before you go to bed, that a cotton pillowcase soaks it all within 45 minutes? This keeps your skin hydrated and also helps to reduce any fine lines and wrinkles! What's more luxurious than sleeping on one of the best fabrics in the world?

♥ Apply some Sea Salt Spray. Having naturally straight hair, sometimes waking up with full, wavy hair that's tameable saves me a lot of time in the morning as I don't have to use curling tongs. You wouldn't believe how much volume and texture is added when this is applied. You go from frizz ball to beach babe in seconds having beautifully tousled locks.

♥ Some days you just can't win the battle, so you admit defeat and pull your hair back. On days like this I apply one pump of Moroccan oil to the roots of my hair to give a sleek 
effect (imagine Kim K) and I pull my hair up into a high, big bun using my hair donut. Using the Moroccan oil beforehand helps to tame any flyaways, it doesn't look greasy and smells beautiful! This is my go-to hair style when I have uncontrollable tresses or in a rush as it's super quick and easy giving you a sophisticated look in less than 10 minutes.

Do you dread or embrace your bed hair?
What are your top tips?

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  1. Fab advice post! I'm definitely going to be investing in a silk pillow case :) I love bed head hair <3


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