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Huge Lush Christmas Haul

Huge Lush Christmas Haul 2014
 Good evening! I hope you've had a fab day, well as good as a day can get on a Monday. If there's one thing I've really looked forward to lately, it's the release of Lush's Christmas collection (as I'm sure you're well aware) It's shameful to admit that I could never see the big deal surrounding Lush, however I've really gotten into their products lately and have definitely changed my opinion on them so the only product I've used from their Christmas collection is Snow Fairy. It's quite exciting that I get to try all of these for the first time ever!
Huge Lush Christmas Haul 2014
 Golden Wonder Bath Bomb | £3.75
 I'm excited to try all of the goodies I brought but I'm most excited about this pretty little parcel shaped one. There's 3 things I want from a bath bomb - a lovely fragrance, a pretty fizzing effect and a wonderfully coloured bath tub afterwards. I've heard this does all 3. Golden Wonder is bursting with sweet orange and lime oil, so is definitely one for the citrus lovers. I much prefer a product that has a citrusy/sherberty fragrance to it rather than the spicey, traditional festive scents. It's the biggest bath bomb I've ever brought from Lush too, it's huge! I can't wait to use this.
Huge Lush Christmas Haul 2014
 Melting Snowman Bath Melt | £2.25
How cute is this little chap?! I love bath melts as they make your skin feel silky soft afterward with a gorgeous fragrance that lingers, so I already had high hopes for this little guy. This is described as a 'hot toddy' for the tub, it's warm, pleasant and inviting. Packed with almond oil and cocoa butter the Melting Snowman is bursting with scents of cinnamon, cloves, sweet orange and patchouli. Sounds delicious doesn't it? Knowing me, I'll probably try to put off using this as long as I can as it's sooo cute!Huge Lush Christmas Haul 2014
 The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar | £3.25
Again, how adorable?! A delightful blend of orange flower absolute, bergamot (one of my favourite scents ever) and Sicilian mandarin and lemon oils - this too, like Golden Wonder, is something that the citrus lovers will want to get their mitts on. I think for me it's going to be a tough decision between this and the Melting Snowman of who I'm going to save until last, but I can use them together right? I'll also start from the bottom upwards as I can't bare to break up his little face! 
Huge Lush Christmas Haul 2014
Father Christmas Bath Bomb | £3.50
Could you get anymore festive?! When you look on the Lush site, you know that they have the video of the selected item at the top of the page so you can see a mini demo, well this turns your bath from bright red to vivid green. Talk about Secret Santa! This bath bomb has the sweet fragrance of Snow Fairy, need I say anymore? Go get it!

Huge Lush Christmas Haul 2014
Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb | £3.50
The decoration of this bath bomb is beaut; neon pink with little pockets of colour with an embedded holly leaf at the top, a girly twist on the classic Christmas Pudding. Packed full of Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Benzoin Resinoid and Tonka Absolute it has a very floral and warming scent to it. Sometimes I love the smell of this bath bomb and other times I'm not overly fussed, which is mainly due to the Lavender as I sometimes find it can be quite over-powering and headachey. This is perfect for just before bed as we all know that Lavender is the perfect remedy for relaxation and a good nights kip. If you love the fragrance of Twilight Bath Bomb then you'll love this as it's the same. 

Huge Lush Christmas Haul 2014
Snow Fairy Shower Gel 500g | £11.95
The well loved and ever so popular Snow Fairy! I'm yet to find someone who doesn't love the smell of this candy scented little pot of heaven. Pink and glittery, what's there not to love? This year it has the added ingredient of seaweed, which is one of the best things you could ever use on your skin if you didn't know. If you've never tried this before, just buy it. You'll luuurve it.
Huge Lush Christmas Haul 2014
Magic Wand Bubble Bar | £5.25
It's a wand. With a bell. You feel like a little girl when you use this, how cute is it?! If you love Snow Fairy shower gel then you'll adore this. I have a very sweet, bubble gum, candyfloss theme going on here. This is a reusable bubble bar, which shape stays intact, so although it may seem slightly higher in price in comparison to other bubble bars you get more baths out of it. This, snow fairy and the Father Christmas bath bomb will be a bath full of heaven. Lush!
Huge Lush Christmas Haul 2014
Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb | £3.50
 This looks exactly like what the name implies - mystical and covered in shooting stars. It's so pretty! Containing Brazilian Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil it smells as scrummy as it sounds, it has the same sweet scent as Honey I Washed The Kids so if you're a fan of that then this is certainly one for you. When this is dropped into your tub it creates various shades of blues, violets and pinks - this bath bomb puts on a real show!
What's your favourite Christmas goodie from Lush?

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  1. I really want to try the melting snowman, everyone says it's a classic!

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