Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Gifts & Pieces Wishlist

Gift and Pieces Wishlist
Hey lovelies. A couple weeks ago Matt's family went away on holiday for 2 weeks so that meant that I moved in with him, I know make or break huh?! It actually went really well, although I did notice that Matt's slightly anal about certain things and Matt says I'm lazy but I'd definitely say laid-back ;) Anyway it's got me thinking that I'd really like to move out with him, BIG STEP. I've always wanted a shabby chic style in my house rather than modern and contemporary so I was having a browse online and came across Gift & Pieces and fell in love with their gorgeous array of home decorations. I also thought this would be a good post for those of you who have/are looking to move out and like the Shabby Chic style too. Here are some of my favourites that I know I'd have in my house for sure.

How gorgeous is this?! I'm always drawn to anything with the quote 'All You Need Is Love' as it's one of my favourite life quotes. You could store this full of anything you desire as it's a storage box but I'd most probably have this on show for decoration as I love it.

How beautiful would this look on your dressing table? A place to show off all of your delicate jewellery. Paris is one of my favourite cities so when I saw this it only seemed right that I'd add it to my wishlist.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love anything to do with owls. And as I'm obsessed with candles and wax burners this is the perfect combo for me. They also do this in pastel blue and lilac which is really cute and pretty too.

Sometimes we can get caught up in life and focus to a large extent on the negative things, so I personally find that hanging decorations with inspirational quotes can really help lift your mood as Life really is Beauty Full.

I love the frosted heart design with 'Love' embellished in the middle on this glass bottle, I think that little extras like this can transform something plain into something special. As random as this sounds, if I could get one the same but in a smaller size I think this would look really nice in a bathroom. I saw this in my friends nans bathroom the other day and thought it looked really nice!

Aw this is just too cute. I need it. 

I've always said that in my house there'll be no mugs, just teacups and saucers. (Obviously there will be as nothing beats a humungous mug of tea) I just really love the idea of a tea party theme when people come over. This also comes in the colour Champagne, Lavender and Blush Pink which are all gorgeous. Gifts and Pieces have so many teacups and mugs which are beautiful, but I only added this one as this would have easily turned into a 'Gift & Pieces Mug Wishlist' haha!

This is something you'd expect to see in a French Chateau. The shape, label, rope and little key is very ooh la la!

I love seeing this sort of thing in peoples kitchen, even though I wouldn't fill them with anything I think they add a homely feel.
Glass Heart Trinket | £5.20
When I was younger I remember my Nan having a trinket exactly the same as this full to the brim of jewellery, so I brought it as it reminds me of her. I plan on having this on my dressing table and I'll most likely keep it empty, although that's very likely to change!

What's your favourite style?
Have you ever heard of Gifts and Pieces before?
What's your favourite item I've chose?


  1. Love, love, love the tea cup! There's something so English about drinking tea from a cup and saucer!

  2. There is isn't there! Love tea cups and saucers, thanks for stopping by lovely :) xx


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