Sunday, 21 September 2014

Picture Diary | My Trip To Bath

 Hello sweethearts I hope you've had a fab weekend. I went back to work on Tuesday after 9 days off and to say I was dreading it is an understatement. Don't get me wrong I love my job but it's never nice to go back to the grind after having such a wonderful time off is it? Bath is a place I've always loved and wanted to visit. Sounds daft doesn't it, how can you love somewhere you've never been? But I was right. (As always, although I'm sure Matt will tell you different haha) It was a very last minute decision, on the Sunday evening we decided to go the following morning, the hotel was booked and that was that! We stayed in the Abbey Hotel which was gorgeous and the location could not have been more perfect so I highly recommend if any of you are thinking of planning a visit and are unsure where to stay. I was very much a tourist while I was here and couldn't stop snapping photos. Do you ever find that when you take so many photos and you look through them after you're like 'Oh was 15 photos of the same scene really necessary? Probably not' haha but it was very hard to narrow down to a select few without this post being too picture heavy! Visiting the Roman Baths and The Circus is a must and there are so many gorgeous boutique shops here so of course my bank balance took a beating. I've fallen in love with Bath and its cobbled streets - I can't wait until my next visit!

Have you ever visited Bath?
What other places would you recommend to visit on my next week off?


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