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Olympia Beauty Show Goodies

Olympia Beauty Haul 2014 | Sienna X, IBD, NYX
Alright me darlings. Yesterday I attended Olympia Beauty Show in London with one of my best friends. I remember the first time I visited this show, I was 16, loved it and have visited every year since. (Although I do have to say you don't get half as much bargains and freebies as you once did!) As always it was crazily busy with hundreds of stalls ,which can get a little bit overwhelming, full of beauty goodies - a beauty bloggers heaven! Here are a few things I picked up while I was there.
Olympia Beauty Haul 2014 | Sienna X, IBD, NYX
 Olympia Beauty Haul 2014 | Sienna X, IBD, NYX
 I'll start with my favourite beauty buys and the one stand I was most excited for - NYX. I've never tried any of the NYX products before yet I've seen many beauty gurus use them as well as reading fab reviews. It was a free-for-all so I grabbed the few things I wanted most and legged it. I brought 2 lippys, 1 lipgloss and a jumbo eye pencil (which was in my wishlist HERE) The two lipsticks I brought were Strawberry Milk which is a gorgeous pinky nude, although in the swatch above it doesn't do this any justice it looks like quite a tacky pink which it isn't. I'm putting this down to me fake tanning so it looks different to what it does on my lips. Again my fake tan looks like snake skin, it always looks like this when I take swatches, it doesn't in real life I promise! (I also just want to say that this isn't Sienna X it's a cheapy I was testing out) I also brought Pink Lyric which is a real in your face bright pink. I wore this on my lips today and the durability, formula and pigmentation is uh-may-zing. I think I may have found a new HG lip product here girls...

The lipgloss I brought doesn't actually have a name on the label all it says is 'XLC10' so I'm guessing this is what it's called? This wasn't my first choice of gloss, the first one I chose was a lighter nude which was out of stock so I picked this up instead. I'm really glad I chose this one as its beauuuuutiful! The formula is creamy, buttery and long-lasting, as is the pigmentation which is perfect. If I could have brought the lipgloss I originally wanted, I think it would have been a bit to pale and nobody likes concealer lips now do they?! And of couse, I brought their Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk as it's something I've wanted for a little while now. I'll use this on my eyelids before I apply my eyeshadow for the most enhanced colour pay off. Which I done this morning and it definitely lives up to the hype! Each lipstick was £3.00, the lipgloss was £5.50 and the eye pencil was £4.00 - super bargainous. I can't wait to add more to my collecton!
Olympia Beauty Haul 2014 | Sienna X, IBD, NYX
Starting with the top row L-R
Pan-duh, Sanskrit, Dragon Fruit, Happily Brighter After
The Great Wall, Jade Dynasty, Thistle My Whistle, Perfectly Paisley, I Mod You
I got all these PLUS 5 gel polishes for...wait for it......£9.00! If you aren't familiar with I.B.D the colour range, formula and durability is fantastic. We use them in the salon that I work at and I have to say it's much, much better than other brands I've worked with in the past. (Jessica & Shellac to name two) I know the colours I chose aren't everyones cup of tea but at such a great price tag how can you not put them in your shopping basket? I really like Perfectly Paisley and I Mod You as they are the perfect colours for Autumn and Winter. Whilst I was in the queue, a lady who worked for I.B.D came over to me and asked if she could ask me a few questions so of course I said yes, next thing I knew a camera man and microphone was at the ready and I was being interviewed. I totally chickened out and couldn't do it, I felt like such an idiot afterwards! Haha, I don't think I'd ever be good enough for YouTube!
Olympia Beauty Haul 2014 | Sienna X, IBD, NYX
 As you may know I'm a big lover of fake tan and Sienna X is my fave so yes, 3 bottles of the stuff really is necessary. Pha! I know we're going into the Winter months and it says dark on the bottle but Sienna X gives a natural, gorgeous sun-kissed look to your skin that looks real and not fake. For a more in-depth review and why I love Sienna X so much click HERE :)
Did you/have you visited this beauty show before?
Do you have any of these beauty goodies?


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