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My Summer Evening Skincare Routine

Hello darlings I hope you've had a fab week. Thank god it's the weekend, have you been looking forward to it? I certainly have, I'm going to the Beauty Show at Olympia tomorrow and I can't freaking wait. Beauty products at trade prices? Yes please! Not too long ago I posted my current morning routine (HERE) so I thought it was only right that I followed it up and posted my evening routine too!

I've been using this for around 6 months now and I can definitely notice a difference within my lashes. Firstly let me say that this removes all mascara, including waterproof, easily and quickly as well as any stubborn lipstick. 100x quicker than make up wipes I can guarantee you ladies! It conditions and hydrates your eyelashes, which is why I love this product so much. My lashes don't look dry and clumpy when mascara is applied and they rarely break off which is every girls nightmare right?!
This is amazing at removing any heavy make up, including mascara, due to it's deep cleansing properties. It's hard to find a cleanser which does both with ease so this is a great buy if you want to kill two birds with one stone! (I can't stand that expression) The consistency of this is fairly thick so this is why I use the eye cleanser above as I prefer a lotion on my eyes. This leaves your skin feeling sooo soft afterwards and I've really noticed a big improvement in any blemishes and redness since buying this back in May.
 I've spoke about this toner many times as it has done absolute wonders for my skin. Not too long ago my skin went a little bit crazy, it had similar symptoms to Eczema but it wasn't Eczema if that makes sense?! Anyhoo there were quite a few things I couldn't use on my skin anymore as it caused some irritation, so I picked this up as a duo at the beginning of the year (I'm still not even half way through!) and this, alongside a couple of other things, have helped my skin 'return' to its normal state. Yay! This really does smell SO scrummy, as do all the other Elemis toners. I really do enjoy this part of my evening routine!
I like to use this morning and night underneath my eye cream as due to the light weight consistency it gets absorbed much quicker and easier resulting in deeper penetration. The eye cream below does wonders so I've not seen too much of a difference but it must be doing something beneficial!
Elemis Advanced Brightening Even Tone Serum* | £59.00
So I've heard this is supposed to be the new and improved version of Elemis Visible Brilliance which I loved. I love this more. This has helped even out my skin tone, so much so that I'd feel confident to go out without make up. And for me that's a bold statement. It's supposed to be really good for helping with pigmentation and acne scarring so any of you who have this, this may be an ideal product for you!
 An oldie but a goldie for me! Have any of you ever had an ESPA facial? If not you must! In my first beauty job, the spa I worked at brought ESPA on board so all of the therapists had 2 weeks of training in treatments and products. I FELL IN LOVE ESPA. The products, science, treatments and trainers are wonderful. During one part of the facial, I'm pretty sure it's the hour long facial however that may have changed as I did work for them a good few years ago now, there is a special mirror used. As a therapist looking through you can detect certain things such as dehydration, congestion etc as different colours show through representing each thing. To cut a long story short when I had my facial, I was told my eye area was really dehydrated, so I purchased this and it's been a holy grail of mine ever since. It's been scientifically proven to work around your eye contour for 24 hours, replenish and to minimise fine lines and any puffiness. Working where I was at the time, I always checked to see whether it lived up to its bold statements and it really does, the colour representing dehydration started to decrease massively! I really notice a difference when I don't use this product as the next day my concealer creases like there's no tomorrow! I'd highly recommend you to try this eye cream as it lasts you forever and is a real luxury product.
 I brought this for the same reason I got the toner and it's done the job perfectly! Do you ever find that your cheeks feel really tight due to the dryness? I used to have that all the time but since using this I don't get that anymore. I've heard that apparently Elemis are discounting this which I hope isn't true!
Elemis Lip Revive | £16.00
I apply this last and just before I go to bed as it really hydrates my lips making it the perfect base for my lipstick in the morning.

Do you use any of these products?
What's your skincare routine?

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