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The Revolutionary Tan Removal Product | TanGo Removal Cloth Review

Best Fake Tan Removal Product | TanGo Removal Cloth Review
Best Fake Tan Removal Product | TanGo Removal Cloth Review
Sitting in the hottest bath you can handle, with those exfoliating gloves you can pick up in Primark for 99p with the harshest body scrub known to mankind in a hopeful bid to remove that stubborn fake tan - sound familiar? This was a weekly routine of mine and I would always think to myself pray even, ok praying is a bit extreme but you get my drift, that there has to be a product on the market which removes your tan in one go, well I've found it...

Around 3 months ago or so my boss brought a product called TanGo The Tan Removal Cloth into our beauty salon as she had heard how amazing they are at removing any unwanted fake tan. For a fake tanning junkie like myself being told that a special cloth would remove all of your unwanted fake tan in one sitting is highly unbelievable. So there they sat on the shelves untouched, until a couple of weeks ago in a desperate attempt to remove my fake tan I resorted to this - honestly I started to resemble a snake shedding it's skin oh the aftermath of having a beautiful fake tan for a few days but it's totally worth it though isn't it?  
"TanGO is a specially formulated polyamide fabric, which gently removes the tanning pigment from the surface of your skin without all the harsh scrubbing or the use of chemicals."

I really liked the packaging of this product. Once you open the box your special cloth is contained in a little silver tin with TanGo on the lid which I thought was a nice little touch! This cloth is soooo soft, almost a velvet like feel to it so I was rather sceptical as to how something so silky could actually remove my stubborn, unwanted tan. I decided that I would scrap my normal fake tan removal routine and just have a long soak in a hot bath as freshly cleansed skin and the heat would help to lift any dead skin cells thus resulting in an easier removal process and I also really wanted to put this to test! I was pleasantly surprised how this just rolled off all the tan with minimal effort - a vast difference from the hours sat scrubbing my skin red raw. I found that I needed to rub a little more firmly in areas prone to build up such as elbows but it still removed every bit of the tan so no more orange knees or elbows yay! This will be the only time you will see me write this - I was so happy to see my naturally pale, and even, skin underneath. I cannot believe how easily this removes the tan and I also cannot believe it has taken me this long to find it! The main thing to remember whilst using your TanGo cloth is that the wetter the cloth the less tan it will remove so make sure your cloth is damp but not too wet! Another bonus is that your skin is left feeling and looking beautifully soft and flawless. I've actually noticed a massive improvement within my skin since using this weekly alongside my other body products. I try to keep up on my body care routine however it can tend to get a little neglected in comparison to my facial skin care routine say if I'm really sleepy my make up will be removed no matter what however it's ok to leave my body brushing until the morning that kind of thing, are any of you the same?

I'm so happy I decided to give this a go, gone are the days of hours of scrubbing! If any of you lovelies fancy purchasing this amazing product you can get it from Amazon here for the bargainous price of just £12.50
Have any of you tried this product before?
If you have any other ways of removing fake tan please let me know! :)


  1. Ahhh I definitely need to get one of these! Hate that snakey peely skin look that you get if you aren't on top form with the body scrubbing! xxxxxxx

    1. Get one they're so worth it! :) Haha it looks soooo attractive doesn't it ;) xxxxx


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