Monday, 7 July 2014

New Look Haul

Hey beauties, I hope you've all had a good day one day closer to the weekend woohoo! I'm really excited about the upcoming weekend as I'm going to be staying in London with my one of my besties, we're most likely going to go for drinks so of course I went into panic mode and needed a new outfit asap. When I'm online shopping New Look is always the last place I ever think to look so after ages of trawling through every website possible I headed over to New Look and boy oh boy am I happy I did!
New Look Haul JULY 2014
Everything about this dress is totally out of my comfort zone and it is by far my favourite purchase.. Do you remember the Victoria Beckham dress that Amanda Holden wowed at the BGT auditions, she looked utterly amazing and of course I hunted down the dress straight away only to be disheartened - for such beautiful attire came a hefty £1450.00 price tag. As soon as I saw this on New Look's website at the much cheaper price of £22.99 it was added to my basket without any hesitation (it's actually even cheaper in the sale now too) The only difference this has from the Victoria Beckham design is the zip at the back and obviously the quality of the material although I could be wrong as I have previously found you may pay an arm and a leg for something and the quality is shocking so who knows? (Definitely not me as I will never get my hands on such an expensive dress haha) I'm so happy I brought this and I plan to wear it at the weekend, that's if something else doesn't catch my eye at Westfields on Saturday...
New Look Haul JULY 2014
New Look Haul JULY 2014
I'm ashamed to admit that I don't own a Kimono *please don't judge me* so I thought it was about time I started buying. The design and colour scheme of this is right up my street! I love anything cream, pastelly and floral so a combination of the 3 is just perf. New Look currently have so many other beautiful kimonos available so if you're looking for one I would highly recommend that you check them out. This cost £19.99 I know right?
New Look Haul JULY 2014
 Who would have thought that adding some lace detail to your basic cami would totally transform it?! I love the mint green colour and anything lace has me sold! I would say that this is slightly longer than a crop but not as long as your regular top and I love that it's versatile as it can be dressed up or down.  
New Look Haul JULY 2014
I brought this pastel blue cami mainly because I had hoped that this would combine well with my kimono, as you all know it's difficult to tell what things actually look like online the kimono above was one of those moments, however I can safely say I'm pretty happy with the final result! Although I do have a million and one tops that would look fine it's just nice to buy a whole, half in my case, new outfit isn't it?

Have you shopped in New Look recently?
What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Lovely purchases! Your dress and kimono are absolutely beautiful! New Look is fab at the moment :)

    Style Sunrise


  2. Love the dress! I'm sure it's just as good as the designer dupe! I don't think they're ever worth quite as much as their hefty price tags haha! x

  3. That dress is gorgeous! I can totally see it suit you so well!
    I also love the kimono! I've been on a hunt for a nice one as well but I'm a bit picky when it comes to that haha
    xx Ann-Kathrin


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