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How To Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home

Gel nails - they look ultra glossy, dry instantly and last weeks what's there not to love? I love the ever so popular Gel Manicures and Pedicures and they have taken off by storm in the beauty industry in the past few years. It's very rare that I have anyone come into the salon and ask for your basic polish nowadays unless you're either a nurse or an older client whom is stuck in their ways. The only negative thing I have to say about the gel polish is that it can be a total bugger to remove! Who has sat there with normal nail polish remover trying to rub off the gel polish all to no avail?! *Raises hand* Thankfully being in the beauty industry I know how to remove them professionally, quickly and properly without causing any damage to your own natural nail. I cannot stress to you enough that you should never pick them off as this will totally ruin your nails, especially your toes don't ask me why they're more prone to damage but it's like peeling off your whole toenail yummy. Below is everything you need to remove the gels and a 'How To' step by step guide. 

How to remove Gel Polish | Quick & Easy

You will need:
♥ Acetone
♥ Cotton Wool Discs
♥ Cut up Tin Foil
♥ Orange Wood Stick/Nail File

How to remove Gel Polish | Quick & Easy
Firstly you want to soak the cotton wool discs in the acetone and then wrap each disc around your nail like the photo above on the left, where you can see this on my little toe. You then want to wrap the tin foil around the cotton wool, make sure it's secure and leave for roughly 8-10 minutes. You can leave them on longer if you wish just make sure you don't leave them on too long as there is the possibility that they can dry out which can make the removal harder still.
How to remove Gel Polish | Quick & Easy
Do excuse my critters *hides face in hands*
Once you have left them for the designated amount of time when you remove the foil it should take the majority of the polish off with it, if not you will be able to see how much the polish has lifted, like the above. All you need is an orange wood stick and ever so slightly push the remainder off, you will see how easily this just rolls off. If you don't have an orange wood stick to hand gently buff with either a nail file or a nail buffer.

How easy was that?! You'll never have to go to the salon again to have your gels removed!

Are you a fan of Gel Nail Polish?
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  1. Looove this, needing to remove my gel nails soon. I need to get myself some cuticle stick things! xxxxxx

    1. Thought this would help you after your event :) xxxxxxx


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