Saturday, 28 June 2014

My Little Weekend Away

Heeey my lovelies ♥
Last weekend Matt and I went to Center Parcs for a lovely long weekend with Matt's best friend and his girlfriend. We had such a great little break away and we couldn't have picked a better weekend to go as the weather was perfect! If you haven't been to Center Parcs before it is a little resort, if you like, where you can stay in lodges some of which are amazing (the treehouses especially however they don't have these at Elveden) and there are so many indoor and outdoor activities to do however if you aren't really into anything like that then I know you'll still love it as I'm most definitely not the most sporty girl there is haha
On the Sunday we decided to head down to Wroxham to hire out a boat on the Norfolk Broads for the day. It's such a delightful little town and literally every shop you passed had 'Roys' at the beginning - Roy's Toys, Roy Zone.. So of course me being the nosey parker that I am I went into a shop and asked why and the lady said that they are a very wealthy family and the majority of people who lived in the area would be unemployed if it wasn't for them, which I was thought was quite a nice little fact! Once we had our boat we made our way onto the next village which was Horning. On the way there were sooo many beautiful houses alongside the river and I've now decided that this would be the perfect retirement! Halfway through our journey to Horning we came across this adorable little ice cream boat and of course we had to moor up and have an ice cream, kind of had to really didn't we?! Once we arrived at our destination we had lunch at The Swan Inn which was a lovely, quaint pub which served the most delicious food and we had a jug (or 3) of Pimms *note to self alcohol and being on a boat does not mix too well* Sunday was definitely the best day out of the 4 weather-wise and it was also my favourite - although I'm not loving the fact that I got sunburnt and am now peeling :(
I'm shocked that they actually had faith in me to steer the boat haha
Matt and I have a slight addiction to VW Camper Van, in the words of Matt: 'How smart is this camper?!'
Have you ever been to Center Parcs/Norfolk Broads before?
What's your favourite destination for a short break?
P.S I do apologise for the picture heavy post!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Super Healthy Skinny Banana Pancakes

Skinny Healthy Banana Pancakes
Happy Sunday beauties <3
I discovered this wonderfully healthy breakfast which I thought would be perfect to share with you all as it's fab for those who are trying to get a bikini bod for the Summer. It's really quick and easy to make, you'll most likely have all/the majority of these ingredients already in your kitchen - not to mention they are super scrummy too!
You will need:
(serves 2 - 3)
♥ 2 Eggs
♥ 1 and 1/2 Banana
♥ Blueberries
♥ Coconut Oil
♥ Baking Powder
♥ Mash up the bananas with a fork, make sure you don't make them too smooth though you want them nice and chunky
♥ Whisk up the eggs
♥ Apply a small amount of baking powder to the whisked eggs, this is what really holds the whole mixture together and makes them fluffier as otherwise you can get quite an omelette-like/denser texture
♥ Add the banana to the eggs and baking powder
♥ Add some coconut oil to the pan, I normally do one to one and a half dessert spoons of the mixture as I like them to be fairly small and cook on a low-medium heat
♥ Add your chosen fruit and voila!
Skinny Healthy Banana Pancakes
Skinny Healthy Banana Pancakes

How simple and easy are these?! I certainly didn't think they would be this easy when I first tried these out. They take less than 10 minutes to make, are so healthy and fill you up right until lunch time!
Have you tried these delicious pancakes before?
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