Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Rate It Or Hate It - Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer
Happy hump day lovelies! 
Sounds awfully rude doesn't it, it's Wednesday you cheeky buggers!

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer (such a mouthful) seems to be extremely well loved and highly rated in the world of beauty. I've already found my HG concealer (review here) however curiosity and temptation, as always, got the better of me and whilst browsing on the Boots website one lunch time this was added to my shopping bag along with quite a few other items!

The first thing which is make or break -the packaging. If a product doesn't look chic, professional or pretty it's very unlikely to catch my eye and be added to my shopping bag. This is simple and minimal with a no frills about it appearance, which I like as it looks quite stylish and sophisticated looking much more expensive than the £4.19 price tag. The applicator of this is shaped in a lip gloss like tube which is actually much easier to apply, as you can swipe on your ideal amount without pumping out too much product whereas I've found some higher end concealers have a pump which 9 times out of 10 results in a fairly pricey product getting wiped off with a cleansing pad. One thing I've now noticed since I've had this for a good few months and it's gotten fairly comfortable in my make up bag, the majority of the black writing has rubbed off so now it's just a clear-ish tube with a few black marks which looks a little cheap and grubby. Thankfully it is only concealer though as it's not something your going to be whipping out for quickness like how you would a lipstick.

The coverage is brilliant, blends well and is fab for concealing both dark circles and redness. The consistency is fairly thick so a setting powder is a must otherwise this manages to find a cozy little home in those fine lines under your eyes! This claims to have 16 hours staying power which I can't say I entirely agree with as throughout the day at work it needs touching up at least once. The colour range of this product is far from fabulous with only 4 shades to choose from - Light, Cool Medium, Warm Medium and Dark but what can you expect for such an inexpensive item? The shade I had originally chosen was Cool Medium however I was sent Light and was too eager to try this straight away instead of taking a trip into town to exchange for the correct colour. I use this when I'm at my palest as it's the perfect match to my skin tone for when I'm having a really good skin day and just want to conceal any dark circles and redness around my nose. The colour you see on the tube is true to form, what you see is what you get which is brilliant as it's not one of those items which looks amazingly perfect and on point in store but once you get home is a totally different undertone and shade in natural lighting. 

I like this product, I don't love it but overall I'm impressed. It does what it says on the tin brilliantly and at £4.19 it doesn't break the bank. Perhaps if I had tried this first before I found Mac Pro Longwear Concealer I would have loved it as much as everyone else but nothing can compete as lets face it once you've had amazing you don't want great!

Are you a lover of this concealer?
What are your thoughts?


  1. Hello from Spain: interesting analysis of this corrector. I have not tested. Keep in touch

  2. oooh I love this concealer but the packaging is the ultimate bug bare. I can't stand the grubby looking tube that you're left with but it is a really good concealer! xxxx

    1. It looks nice to start with then you're like ermmm.... Haha such a fab concealer tho :) xxxxx


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