Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Band Blake

The other evening the company I work for (hence the beauty therapist uniforms) sponsored an event at the local theatre, it was to see a band called Blake. I had heard of them a few times before but never their music, why I hadn't before is beyond me. They are incredible! They are a mix of eclectic classical & pop songs with rich harmony vocals, they sing a complete range of songs from Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars to Giacomo Puccini - Nessun Dorma. The whole time I was sitting there in complete awe, they gave me goosebumps! (You know that it's the real deal when this happens) I would even go as far as saying that their singing is the best thing to ever pass through my little ears - they really were breath-taking! They have a wonderful presence surrounding them. Blake are not only attractive, astounding singers, with a great sense of humour but they spend a huge amount of their time supporting several charities - Help For Heroes, The British Legion & MIND to name a few. It's always that much more enjoyable when you know it's going towards a charity that's close to your heart isn't it? The only thing that I wasn't very impressed with, was that they didn't serenade me! ;)

Now I rarely get excited over singers/bands (except Beyonce of course) & it does take something pretty special for me to rave about it - I've just done a blog post on these lovely chaps so that's saying something huh? If you think classical music isn't 'your thing' just have a listen as Blake will probably change your opinion, very much like mine & I'm now a huge fan!

Please go & check these out as they really are spectacular 
(if you hadn't already gathered that)

Have you ever heard any of Blake's music?
What's your favourite kind of music?


  1. Hey I tagged you in the #AllBloggersGreatAndSmall Tag! check it out! Love Ems xx

    1. Aw thank you hun - I'll check it out now! Xx


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