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Are make up wipes bad for your skin?

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Recently I posted a 'What's In My Travel Bag' here. Some of you seemed interested in the products I use, so I thought I'd do a few posts of why you should be using certain products, how they will benefit you & my recommendations.

 I'd like to start off this 'series' if you like, by sharing with you all my views on Make up / Cleansing Wipes & how they really aren't your best friend, in fact they're the opposite.  

Make up wipes are by far one of the most unbeneficial products you can use in your skincare regime. These heavy chemical wipes may remove the surface layer of makeup but they won't cleanse or remove anything else. Think of all the things you come into contact with on an everyday basis - make up, bacteria, dirt, pollution & oil. Without using a product which actually deep cleans your skin, this can lead to congestion, acne flare ups and over a period of time will cause fine lines.  Some brands are also quite harsh to the skin, especially sensitive and can also be very drying causing unwanted side effects. Ever noticed when you use these to remove your mascara your eyes go red & stingy?

If that isn't enough to put you off then how about this - the wipes can be sitting on the shop floor for up 18 months in all heat conditions, which is a huge breeding ground for bacteria! Once I heard this I never touched them again.

Admittedly I can see the attraction to these due to quickness, but I can do my whole cleansing routine in under 2 minutes! (Yes I timed myself..) 

I've also noticed a huge improvement in my skin after binning these & getting myself a decent cleansing product :)

Remember every part of your skincare regime is a part to a clear, glowing complexion so who wants to be investing in a good quality moisturiser & foundation, then use these? Not you.

What do you use to remove your make up & cleanse your face?
Have I changed your thoughts on make up wipes?


  1. I never use makeup wipes! I defiantly agree with you, I never even think about using makeup wipes. Who would want to put all of those chemicals on their face?

  2. Wow this definitely changed my view on makeup wipes! I don't tend to use them to take off my makeup 'cause I've got quite sensitive skin and most wipes irritate my skin haha, great post! x
    Have you seen my makeup routine? You can see it at :) xxx

    1. So glad you don't use them they're awful things - especially if you have sensitive skin too! I'm checking it out now lovely :) xxx


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