Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Purchases

Why is it whenever you pop out to buy one thing, you always end up buying so much more?! All of the Christmas Sale emails I received, I done a pretty good job of ignoring them as I got a ton of stuff for Christmas. However after a trip into town to buy some cotton wool pads I ended up giving in & having a splurge. Damn you willpower! The majority of it was at a discount so that makes it better right?

(I warn you now for the amount of photos which are about to come ha) 

River Island & Topshop Haul
 River Island £50 £20

After seeing this fairly recently on the gorgeous Sam Faiers I fell in love with this beautiful Grecian maxi dress. Of course I hunted it down straight away & ended up talking myself out of buying it, I know £50 is cheap for a dress but I 'tried' telling myself I didn't need anymore dresses & had too many. So when I saw this for just £20 I knew it was meant to be! It looks very flattering on & would be perfect for a holiday or wedding. The colour is a lovely Emerald, the picture I've taken really doesn't do the colour any justice!

River Island £70 £35

I have been looking all over for a pair of Chelsea boots which aren't too bulky at the front, as having narrow feet it does look a bit daft. These are a perfect fit & are super comfy too. I love the gold detail at the back, very nice that is. I'll definitely be wearing these boots to within a inch of their life - I can tell.

River Island £25
Now it would be rude to buy a dress & shoes & leave out a new bag wouldn't it? Having ruined my other envelope clutch bag, I needed to find an even better replacement. I love the fact that I can fit a purse, keys, lipstick, hair brush AND perfume with room to spare! I know most people prefer to have a smaller evening bag, but if you're like me & have to have the kitchen sink in your bag then this would be perfect for you.
Topshop £89
Now I am rather partial to buying a new winter coat every year. (I've already brought 2 this year but that's beside the point.) I have been eyeing this up online for a while now & as soon as I laid my eyes on it in the shop I knew I had to have it. Being pale pink it will be a bit hard to wear with certain colours of clothing but I love a pink coat & the fact that it's an over sized boyfriend coat makes me love it even more.
Topshop £30 £10
Everyone needs a white dress of some sort in their wardrobe, well that's my motto anyway. This is a stunning textured skater dress which can be dressed up or down. Only £10 - happy days!
Topshop £26 £12
Hi my name's Charlotte & I'm addicted to shoes. There are still more to come. No really, I brought 2 more pairs - I told you I was a shoe addict. These are a simple bronze dolly style shoe, however with the cut out backs they just look so much more than that! I love them.
Topshop £28 £12
I know it's a tad early to be buying sandals but at a bargain price like this how can you not put these in your shopping bag? I brought these in another colour too.
Topshop £28 £15
Told you. 
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation 100 Ivory
Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick 107
Rimmel Colour Rush
Did you buy much in the sales?

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