Monday, 6 January 2014

Mini Haul MUA Make Up

Hey my lovelies hope you've all had a fabulous Monday! Nothing like a mini make up haul to cheer you up on apparently the 'most depressing' day of the year! I have tried some of the MUA (Make Up Academy) products before & considering how cheap they are & the fact I liked them, why not add a few more to my collection. 

Make Up Academy Make Up
Make Up Academy Make Up
Fashionista Lipsticks - £7.00 £1.50
MUA Lipsticks - £1.00
MUA Lip Liner - £1.00

Of course the first thing I looked at were the lipsticks! As I was browsing on MUA's website I came across a brand called Fashionista which had their lipsticks reduced from £7.00 to £1.50, & it would have been rude if I didn't buy every colour they had left in stock wouldn't it? (You know you would have done the same) The colours are stunning - Raspberry, Ultra Pink & Baby Doll Pink - they are uber pigmented! Considering how cheap the MUA lipsticks & lip liners are, you can't really expect them to last as long you would a Mac lippie but surprisingly they do last quite well! Shade 4 is the least pigmented & I had to swatch it at least 4 times before I got any sort of colour, so if you're looking for a very pigmented lipstick I wouldn't recommend this one. I love shade 13. I rarely wear red lipsticks so this was perfect for me to try & test. Glad I did as I know that I'll definitely be wearing this a lot! 
Matte Perfect Loose Powder - £2.30
Pressed Powder - £1.00
Cream Blush - £2.00
Blusher - £1.00
All in all I would definitely recommend MUA products. I think they are perfect if you're new to make up & are looking to try different products.
Have you ever used MUA or Fashionista products before?
What's your opinion on them?

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